Project Description

Making Bible Translation Possible

Roughly 600 million people speaking roughly 5,000 languages still have little-to-no Scripture in a language they can fully understand. And when they can’t understand what they read or hear, the life-transforming power of the gospel is stopped in its tracks. We’re here to do something about that.

Brand Guidelines
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Jaars tasked Panache with designing a 12-page (5.5 x 8.5) full-color brochure. The brochure is both inviting and appealing to donors, while remaining informative.

Web Design

Jaars primary marketing outlet is their website. Panache developed a responsive website that looks beautiful on phone, tablet, and desktop devices.

Digital Marketing

With over 60% of donations coming from online. Panache manages a monthly ad spend that spans from display advertising, text ads, and social remarketing campaigns.


Jaars receives their support 100% from donations and contributions.Panache was tasked with creating a secure online payment portal accepting credit cards and checks.

Elegant Brand

Roughly 600 million people still have little-to-no Scripture in the language they understand best. Panache Consulting is helping JAARS to make a significant imapct in Africa, Asia, Pacific, and Americas with brochure design, digital ads, social ads, and various donations websites.

Excellent Results

From pilot training and mission aviation services to remote technology and communications support. With the addition of a Campaign For Possible brochure, digital and social ads, JAARS has expanded their brand awareness by 45%.